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Hi! I'm Koy, an illustration artist from South Florida.I have an A.A. in Digital Media Animation and currently work freelance. My main source of income comes from my current job as a mail carrier, though my goal is to be able to sustain my life solely with my art.I am currently working on several personal projects that I hold near and dear to my heart.Some of my hobbies include HTML and web design, BJD modification and plushie collecting! You can find my hobby hub on my personal website.

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Flabbergast! is a webcomic based around an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign!
An unlikely group of adventurers find themselves as a part of a pirate crew. The four of them must learn how to get along and fight enemies together! This comic contains violence and strong themes that may not be suitable for young readers.

D.S.O.P is a massive project which connects several Vtubers to a expanded universe, where an agency known as the Department of Supernatural and Otherworldly Phenomena collects and contains monsters that have made it into our world.D.S.O.P plans to be similar to that of an ARG. There will be plenty of mysteries to unlock and lore to explore.
This project is currently in development and will take time to execute!

Deltani City is a project created by my best friend and I.
It is meant to be an anthology, multi-genre comic series following the residents of a fictional city.
This project is currently shelved while I focus on Flabbergast! However, I hold this project close to my heart and plan to post updates for this over time!