6 | 9 | 2024
Absolute bullshit they had me work 13 days straight only to give me a single day off which I had to use my own fucking leave for.
I am pretty sure I have whiplash and I can't move my neck without severe pain and here I am working another 4 fucking days before another...REQUESTED day off.
They won't stop scheduling me and I am getting real fucking tired of this place.
Not to mention my psycho coworker who is extremely hostile with me over the fact that I parked next to 'her' parking spot.
There are no assigned spots here. I am so fucking tired and I just want to rest. My body is starting to fail on me from working so much...
I can't keep this shit up.

5 | 22 | 2024
I actually popped off this month on my comic.
I got June's episode done super fast and I'm really happy about it!
The next few episodes will be a bit boring but I am so excited to finally get to this new arc!

5 | 11 | 2024
I bought scented toilet paper on accident...
Does it make my butt scented nice????

4 | 20 | 2024
I am so behind on my comic for May but I am grinding it out.
I've had such a rough month financially and just IRL job related.
Back problems making it hard to sit at my desk and work on the comic/commissions...
I have wanted to start a few projects but I'll have to make it wait for next month sadly....

4 | 8 | 2024
This week I plan to get some ingredients for a sour dough starter and to start fermenting sauerkraut myself!
We visited my partner's aunt the other day and she showed me how to make sauerkraut which is super easy, but takes time before you can eat it!
I've been really wanting to find better ways to eat healthier and make my own food instead of relying off supermarkets for processed food.
I am hoping this is the year we can finally save for a home so we can grow our own food and have our chicken coop. I would love to find ways sustain living on my own.

4 | 1 | 2024
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