I recently learned I have been getting "Focal Awareness Seizures" my entire life. I always put them off as weird Deja Vu episodes, but after doing research and speaking to a few professionals, I learned that I have been getting seizures. It was a bit scary to find out about but I wanted to keep this journal here to keep track of them.

This first started happening in 7th grade. I would get this intense feeling of Deja Vu every few days, followed by extreme anxiety and body chills. It was terrifying. Back in July 2023, I experienced this again for a period of a few months before it just abruptly stopped happening again. I have no idea what caused it to begin or to stop.

12 Instances Total.
First episode on July 14th.
Typically happened every other day.

16 Instances Total.
3 times in one day on Aug 28th.

Last time getting this episode was Sept 1st.
Haven't had an episode since.